SMUG cover

Here are some photos from magazine cover project photoshoot I styled a while ago. It's all about beauty of simplicity and pureness...

Photography and editing by Gabriele Gurciute
Styling and hair by Patricija Zizniauskaite
Model: Elena


Candles in the sun


Summer has arrived to London. I am fully done with my 1st year of uni! I hope I'll have more time and motivation for blogging besides working and looking for a place to live from now on.
Have a great day/evening/night!

IMG_2423 IMG_2430
IMG_2449 IMG_2413
all photos by Amanda

Jumper - Sheinside (gifted)
Skirt - Sportsdirect
Sneakers - Nike Airforce 1 Lo
Backpack - Topshop


Silver slip ons

ASOS Dockland Plimsolls 

I have never thought I would own a pair of silver shoes. Ever since we did a fashion show in uni in space/gravity/astronauts theme, I couldn't get rid of an idea about something in silver from my head. At first, I layed my eye on ones from Zara but when I finally decided to invest money in them, my size was gone... A few weeks ago I spotted these beauties on Asos and hat to buy them immediately.
Can't wait to wear them! London needs to sort out its weather. Please?

IMG_2363 IMG_2366
all photos by me


instagram diary #13

1. Beaufort park | 2. White watch - another item to my 'whites' collection | 3. Womenswear photoshoot | 4. Stressed but well dressed
5. My pages for fanzine about Comme des Garcons and Dover Street market | 6. Lookbook in progress | 7. New tee | 8. Lazy romance
9. Sick in bed with 'Man Repeller' - one of my favourite books right now | 10. Let's do it | 11. Sunny evening in park with friends and some cider | 12. Gotta love cherry blossom
13. Burrito of sadness in H&M Oxford Circus | 14. New purchase - triangle bra from H&M | 15. Magazine cover shoot | 16. Magazine cover shoot no. 2

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Place holder

FOR THE WEB-page-001
FOR THE WEB-page-002
FOR THE WEB-page-003
FOR THE WEB-page-004

Photography: Maria Andreyuk
Styling: Chantelle King and Patricija Zizniauskaite
Hair and make up: Chantelle King
Model: Christine


Through my eyes

Here's an editorial for uni project I forgot to show you with my group mates Maria and Chantelle:

Photography by Maria Andreyuk
Styling by Patricija Zizniauskaite and Chantelle King
Model: Declan

Instagram diary #12

1. One of uni projects was to create a collection and arrange a fashion show. Project was sponsored by Topman and my group was one of the winners! | 2. Burberry perfume tattoos | 3. I finally bought white Nike Airforces.:) I am in love! | 4. London fashion week situation
5. Exterior of Somerset House where LFW is held. | 6. Reading i-D and LOVE magazines. The poster above is Proenza Schouler ad campaign. | 7. I'm on a search for a job. I already had one in a patisserie. | 8. Celfie
9. My weakness is books. I am hoping to find time for these soon | 10. Gotta get movin' | 11. Still can't get over this Celine dress and sheer skirt combo | 12. My selfie number has recently increased
13. Sunny days in London | 14. Regent's park at its best | 15. Getting some styling inspiration in the morning | 16. Bought these reflection glasses for a photoshoot

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SNAP fotofestivalis + konkursas

SNAP - tai kovo 2d. Vilniuje, LITEXPO parodų ir kongresų centre vyksiantis fotofestivalis, kurio metu vyks fotošou, paskaitos, portfolio peržiūros, kūrybinės dirbtuvės, įvairūs pasirodymai, nacionalinio fotokonkurso laimėtojų apdovanojimai ir dar daugybė įdomių dalykų. Bus galima sutikti tokius fotografus kaip Tomas Tumalovčius, Marla Singer, Samo Vidic, Rokas Darulis, Tomas Kauneckas, Romualdas Požerskis ir dar daug kitų.
Noriu padovanoti porą kvietimų į SNAP jums! Norint dalyvauti konkurse reikia:
  1. Sekti mano blogą per bloglovin arba bloggerį.
  2. Palaikinti Unicorn Tales facebooke.
  3. Palikti komentarą su savo vardu ir el. pašto adresu po šiuo įrašu.
Konkursas tęsiasi iki vasario 27 d. 20val. Laimėtojai bus paskelbti vasario 28 d. Sėkmės!


Instagram diary #11

1. Tag of labadiena coat I got for Christmas | 2. I've cut my hair during my stay in Lithuania | 3. London from above | 4. Christmas present from Amanda

5. My uni interior | 6. Balenciaga beauties spotted in Vogue UK | 7. Shooting outfits with Amanda and Gabriele | 8. All white and clean Notting Hill

9. Trafalgar square lights | 10. New phone case | 11. Winter in London is rainy and windy. I just want to stay in most of the time | 12. Trying to refresh my motivation

13. Lace! Bought a skirt in Zara for 10 pounds only! | 14. Styling+photography project for uni | 15. In love with this vintage denim jacket | 16. Happy fashion month! Killer Tibi pants

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